Green is the theme of the weekend 💚 can't wait for my next Podcast walk with my new hat - one of my favs The Blonde Files Chanel Sneakers Chanel Socks Walking Club Podcasts Green baseball hat Chanel inspired

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Fabric & Suede Calfskin | Chanel, Inc. (US)
Chanel Low Top TrainerCC Beige Wool (W) | StockX
Fabric & Suede Calfskin | Chanel, Inc. (US)
Fabric & Suede Calfskin | Chanel, Inc. (US)
Chanel RARE Limited Edition Clear PVC/ White Leather CC Logo - Etsy | Etsy (US)
CHANEL CC Logo White Gray Fabric Womens Trainers Sneakers - Etsy | Etsy (US)
Chanel Inspired Af1 - Etsy | Etsy (US)
White Chanel Ribbon - Etsy | Etsy (US)
70.9 in. H White Wood 2-Doors Accent Cabinet with 4-Tier Shelves Storage Cabinet Bookcase | The Home Depot
Boys Lie Trucker Hat in Green from | Revolve Clothing (Global)
Essential Baseball Hat | Abercrombie & Fitch (US)
Mint Green/yellow NY Yankees Bling Hat  Swarovski Crystal - Etsy | Etsy (US)
CC Bag - Etsy | Etsy (US)
Olive Green Satin-lined High Ponytail Backless Cap With New - Etsy | Etsy (US)
LA Mini Forest Green/ off White Hat  Los Angeles Baseball Cap - Etsy | Etsy (US)