Whoever said too much of a good thing is never a good idea definitely didn’t know about this jumpsuit. 😍 There are very few pieces in my closet that I can get unlimited wear out of, but y’all… this one is so good I bought it in several colors! Shop it here http://liketk.it/2CVct  or on the free @liketoknow.it app! 
The best thing about wardrobe staples like this is you can dress it up or dress it down—effortlessly! I waned to give y’all some easy ways to style my (soon to be your) all time favorite jumpsuit. You most likely have most of these accessories (or some version of them) in your wardrobe, so it should be easy to re-create. Let me know which one is your favorite!
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Whoever said too much of a good thing is never a good idea definitely didn’t know about this jumpsuit. 😍 There are very few pieces in my closet that I can get unlimited wear out of, but y’all… this one is so good I bought it in several colors! Shop it here http://liketk.it/2CVct or on the free @liketoknow.it app! —————————————————————— The best thing about wardrobe staples like this is you can dress it up or dress it down—effortlessly! I waned to give y’all some easy ways to style my (soon to be your) all time favorite jumpsuit. You most likely have most of these accessories (or some version of them) in your wardrobe, so it should be easy to re-create. Let me know which one is your favorite! ————————————————————— Psst… want to save some money? Use my code (MORETHANMEG15) to take 15% off your entire order at Ivy & Leo—Disclosure: I DO NOT receive a ‘kickback’ from this, I just want to help you thrifty ladies get the most bang for your buck! #liketkit

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Stop comparing yourself.
To the person next to you on the bus, or the blogger you follow, or your siblings, or your best friend, or even another version of yourself. Your lane is YOURS for a reason and whatever mile marker you are on down that road is exactly where you’re supposed to be.📍Whether that is at the peak of a mountain or in the lowest valley, own it, cherish it. There is something to learn right where you are and you’re not going to do that by looking to someone else. It’s been said “comparison is the thief of joy”, and who wants to be sad? Not us, not today! 🙅🏼‍♀️ Let’s choose to be joyful in owning everything we are, over and over again. 🤍
Say it with me:
• I am on the path that is best for me right now.
• I am grateful for who I am and who I am becoming. 
• I give myself permission to embrace every side of me, exactly as I am.
• Nobody is me and that is my superpower. 
Coziest jogger + tee set ➡️ http://liketk.it/2KApC or in the @liketoknow.it  app. #liketkit
It doesn’t have to be a certain day on a calendar to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 🤔 
Hot take? Maybe. 🔥 But when was the last time you treated yourself how you have always wished someone else would treat you? Valentine’s Day or not, single or taken, you can and SHOULD be your own Valentine... and do it frequently. 

(Visit IG @morethanmegan to get some ideas on how you can be your own Valentine. 💋)

Remember, the way you treat yourself shows others how you want to be treated. No box of of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, or fabulous dinner date can come close to the gift of honoring everything you are. Invest in yourself, you are so incredibly worth it. ♥️
Outfit details are linked here: 
 http://liketk.it/2JZFa or on @liketoknow.it . #liketkit
Hi again, Monday. Sunday told me you were coming. Can we try something new this week? How about taking it back to the basics.
1️⃣ Take a break from the makeup, put down the curling iron, stop worrying so much about how trendy your outfit is, and just come as you are. You are beautiful. 
2️⃣ Start with structure. Not rigidity, but taking it one thing at a time instead. Be intentional.
3️⃣ That feeling of restlessness you’ve been carrying around? Sit with it for a second, understand it, and then breathe. Let it go.
How does that sound? 💕
If you want details about my headband or anything else you can find it here:  http://liketk.it/2JDkt or on the @liketoknow.it app.
 #liketkit #LTKspring #LTKunder50
But what if...
I know I’ve spoken or thought these words well over a hundred times. Sometimes to challenge what I’m capable of, sometimes to make an excuse, and sometimes just to dream...but WHAT IF we took back the control of these words?
WHAT IF you held on to the good things and released the bad instead?
WHAT IF you choose let yourself enjoy your life every day instead of it feeling like a chore or a punishment?
WHAT IF you prove yourself wrong by taking a chance and doing the thing you’ve dreamt of but made every excuse not to?
WHAT IF you exceeded your own expectations in the process of pursuing your dreams, big or small?
WHAT IF you stopped worrying & started praying through it instead?
God tells us “Don’t worry about anything, pray about everything” (Phil 4:6). He tells us that the doubt that we hold is not from Him, that our paths are made straight when we trust in Him. So when we speak to ourselves in moments of doubt, fear, excitement, pride, jealousy, comparison, sadness... let’s not ask how we can fail, but how we can walk in faith. 
If you’re interested in outfit details you can go here 👉🏼 http://liketk.it/2Ju6P  or on @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert
You know you’re turning into your Mom when... you un-ironically buy a fanny pack for a family vacation 🙈 ....but really, It’s fine because I am 100% living for the full fanny pack energy 2020 is about to bring tho.... who’s with me? 😎 The smile you see in this picture was a product of the purest joys: 1. Disney 2. Time with my family and 3. Not holding a phone... well honestly just being able to spend time moving freely (#fannypackwin). I’m kind of kidding but also not. Even after vacation, I want to bring that same freedom and carefree attitude with me more often. So, this morning I decided to have a dance party to Lizzo while cooking breakfast and for me, that’s a pretty amazing Saturday. 💃🏼🍳🎶 What’s one thing that makes you feel happy and carefree? If it’s fanny packs, Lizzo, breakfast, Disney or anything else, I’d love to hear it! ♥️ (I’ve also conveniently provided the link to said fanny pack here 😜) ➡️ http://liketk.it/2IMvE @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKitbag #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50
Turning on the vacation email and off to the happiest place on earth! Can y’all guess where I’ll be for Christmas? ✈️ 👀🎄 Y’all we made it, the big day is almost here and an end to the holiday craziness is almost in sight. On that note, does anyone else keep scrolling through social media and feeling kind of like your plans or holiday festivities aren’t as merry and exciting as everyone else’s? I’ve definitely found myself thinking that a few times these past couple weeks... and I know it can feel lonely and dampen the Christmas spirit. I hate that feeling of being not “enough”, and it’s so easy to feel like that when we are constantly comparing our hilights reel to the next person, ya know? That’s why I felt like it was the right time to share a post I’ve had written for a while sharing a few reminders to keep in mind when you start to feel “less than”. No one should feel like they aren’t valued in this world, no one should feel like they aren’t seen, or like they don’t belong. So let’s get this lie that we “aren’t enough” out of our vocabularies and start replacing it with these simple truths. 
1. Giving your all doesn’t mean you have to do it all.
2. Every day may not be good but there is good in every day.
3. Everyone won’t see the value in what you create, that doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful.
4. Your best is enough.
5. You belong here just as much as anyone else. 
Go on over to my blog to read the entire post for tips on what you can do to put these into action in your every day life (link in bio) and tag a friend who could use one of these reminders. ♥️ http://liketk.it/2Inw6 #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKholidaystyle #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100
What do Black Friday and Daylight have in common?.....SAVINGS! 🖤 I don’t splurge much, but with the sales going on this year, you better believe I’m checking a few things off my shopping list! 🛒 Oh yeah, AND I’m sharing the ULTIMATE guide to all the best sales on my blog for y’all!!!
➡️ Bookmark📚 the link in my bio and keep refreshing so you stay up to date on all things #BlackFriday2019 
Pssstt isn’t this sweater + bootie combo perfection?! Yeah, I definitely agree! You can shop it all here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2GyOM or on the best *free* shopping app ( @liketoknow.it ). #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
Hi, it’s been a while...how have ya been? While we are catching up, can we talk about self-care? We are so used to the “do more” mentality. We hustle and work tirelessly to get things done, to stay on top of it all, and be the “best”... but at what cost? In the midst of the constant need to improve, we completely forget to acknowledge that we need to nuture the person responsible for it all. We forget that balance, rest, and healing is necessary to fuel our drive and motivation to be the kick-butt humans we are. 
Chances are you’ve felt burnt out, you’ve felt un-inspired, maybe even chronically exhausted... if this is you, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take some divine moment of realization to understand that what’s missing from your life are moments of healing, of peace. We can create these moments intentionally into our everyday lives...and they don’t have to be huge lifestyle changes either! 
Things like: 
• nurturing meaningful relationships
• taking a breath... slowing down (smell some roses or candles at target) 
• committing to a self-care routine
• allowing yourself to ask for or receive help
• set aside time to be creative
• setting and accepting boundaries
• making time to play
• reflect on what you’ve accomplished 
• call someone you care about
• being outside 
• getting actual rest 
Small moments of recharging are just as meaningful as the milestone achievements in our lives. Honor your body and your mind for all it does for you by letting yourself enjoy these moments of rest and being honest with the places in your life you can take away a little noise and hustle to be still and relax. 
What small self-care moments will you include in your day?
On another note...now that it’s “fall” I think it’s appropriate to bring some cozy sweaters into the mix. This jogger, hoodie pairing is  🙌🏼 You can shop the whole look here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Fvco or on @liketoknow.it (coffee not included... sorry y’all) #liketkit
Red lipgloss always does the trick. 😘
 http://liketk.it/2FoQ6 #liketkit @liketoknow.it
http://liketk.it/2EOSD #liketkit @liketoknow.it
Joy looks good on you. Did you know that? ♥️
You can see it in the way your eyes light up, the almost-tangible radiance glowing from within when you smile. The warmth of your spirit is what so many people call home, and how generous of you to share that space with others. Joy is everything you are. Please don’t lose it. Please don’t forget it...
What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten about something other than your appearance? http://liketk.it/2EL5g #liketkit @liketoknow.it
http://liketk.it/2EL1u #liketkit @liketoknow.it
Hey you! Yes... you right there. It’s okay. It’s okay if you...
...make a mistake.
...if you can’t please everyone.
....if you are a work in progress.
...if you wonder why you’re you.
...if you don’t know the answer.
...if you question everything.
...if you struggle to stay positive.
...if you need to be in control. 
...if you struggle to choose.
We are all dealing with something. Don’t get stuck criticizing where you are now, or where you’re not. Give yourself some grace to go through it and find comfort in knowing your struggles aren’t WHO you are, they are WHAT you’re going through. ❤️ 
As for me? I struggle with more than just one of these things and I find myself turning to God more and more as uncertainty and discomfort cloud my ability to see each moment for what it is right now. I write small reminders like this down and pray for renewed grace every single day. — Put a ❤️ in the comments if you’re going through one of these struggles right now. Let’s lift each other up!
It’s the little things like this cozy sweater that just make life a little better, ya know? You can get yours here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2EKx1 or on the @liketoknow.it app. #liketkit
BRB... taking a walk on the wild side. 🐆 
Entire look 15% off with code MORETHANMEG15 
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Hello September. 💕 It’s so nice to see you again. I’ve been reflecting on how much has happened since this time last year, and wow.... is anyone else speechless at how much can change in a year? This time last year I never thought for a second I would be where I am today, but I’m so blessed that I am. I stopping planning and started praying. I stopped wishing and started doing. It just goes to show that sometimes the best outcomes happen when you have bold faith and courage to back the choices you make. There is so much that goes on in the months leading up to the holidays, I feel like time goes faster and faster... so I want to be intentional and take time to slow down and check in, and I hope y’all will join me. Here are a few intentions that I want to kee in mind this month. Let me know which one you think will help you be intentional this month too! ☺️
1. I will believe in myself and my abilities.
2. I will consciously create balance in my day.
3. I will be true to myself and my values.
4. I will face my fears with strength and courage.
5. I will forgive and act with a gentle heart.
6. I will be at ease and enjoy simple moments.
7. I will smile and won’t take myself too seriously.
Any look is better with a coffee in hand, but an easy look for when you don’t know what to wear (and are SO over pants— like me) is right here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2EBwB or on the @liketoknow.it app.
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Labor Day weekend is here! While you’re sitting at home or off vacationing, soaking in the last ounces of summer, don’t miss out on these killer sales. I rounded up the best sales going on this weekend on the blog today. 💕 Find all you need to know on www.morethanmeg.com 
This look is included in the sale roundup and you can shop it directly here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Eywi  or on the @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
You know what they say... only look back to see how far you’ve come. 
The only blues I’m feeling lately is this little romper number right here. 💙 Perfect for all you ladies with happy hour plans or (for my college ladies) date functions. Honestly, any excuse to wear a flirty back cutout like this one is a good enough excuse for me. 👀 you can shop it here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Ev4u or on the @liketoknow.it app and use my code (MORETHANMEG15) for 15% off! #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip
Do you ever have a great idea but the second you tell someone or say it out loud, you fear judgment or rejection? I do, ALL. THE. TIME. The thing is...who cares? If you see opportunity and promise in something, no matter what that something is, DON’T WAIT FOR OTHERS TO AGREE. Be confident in the pursuit of your ideas, even when  no one else hears you out. Own your ideas and and pursue those things — see them through. You might surprise yourself. 💕 The next few weeks I am pursuing a huge change in my life, with faith that my heart is telling me where I need to be. I’ve heard opinions of doubt and even questioned myself at times, but waiting for validation only keeps me from taking the next step... I’m done waiting. Do you have something you’ve waited for someone else to give you permission to do? If you do, I want to challenge you to take a step into this next season with confidence. I’ll be right there with you. 💃🏼
Talk about confidence, this jacket is giving me major power move vibes. A must-have for fall if you ask me! 😉 You can shop the whole look here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2ErNQ #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip #LTKworkwear
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Let’s talk about acceptance. 
I think a lot of us are either;
a. Crippled by it.
b. Crave it.
c. Control it. 
But let me ask you this — Who are you relying on for acceptance? Are you letting others define it for you? 
One of the greatest powers we have as individuals is deciding what we let have control over our happiness and sense of peace.
Let’s start out a new season of growth—starting with ourselves. Today, I’m sharing 5 things you can accept right now that will give you more peace on morethanmeg.com 💕
 Shop this look ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Ebbv on on the  @liketoknow.it app. 
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I like mornings, mornings are my favorite. 💕
I really do! Remember that quote from Alice in Wonderland... “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I relate to that a lot. I think it’s easy for us to get in the habit of going along and leading busy lives, that we forget to dream. Even as an adult, I think it’s incredibly important to keep dreaming. The world is constantly knocking us down and can be pretty harsh,  it’s easy to start to think that we aren’t  capable of the impossible. Impossible... the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE. I may sound like a cliché but I know I need to remind myself to keep dreaming impossible dreams and doing what sets my heart on fire. The life you are living right now can be everything you want it to be, you just have to be bold enough to chase after it. Take the first step, write it down, tell someone you love. Once you have the courage to own it, doors open to turn those impossible dreams into possibilities, and those possibilities into reality.  Maybe you needed someone to remind you today.... maybe you know someone who needs the reminder. Share this, tag them. Just don’t stop dreaming. 
Shop my favorite loungewear look ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Eb0m or on the @liketoknow.it app.
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✌🏼 out CLT! Taking off to one of my favorite cities for the weekend and I can’t wait ☺️ what’s everyone’s favorite city? Leave a comment and let me know! On that note, I think I’ve finally nailed the perfect travel outfit. Comfy Jumpsuit✔️ Jean Jacket✔️ Converse✔️... oh and then I guess the suitcase is necessary too, huh? 🙈 I’ve talked about this jumpsuit on my blog before, but I seriously can’t get enough of it! 💕 Outfit details are linked here for y’all 👉🏼 http://liketk.it/2E0M5 or you can use the @liketoknow.it app. 
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I did some digging through pages of sale items and rounded up the BEST of the Nordstrom Sale that is STILL in stock! The sale ends tomorrow so now is your chance to snatch up some great deals! 💃🏼 I’m headed to the mall to go pick up a few things, better late than never right? 😅 You can shop them directly here http://liketk.it/2DV1q   or head over to the @liketoknow.it app and everything will be linked there as well! #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert
I did some digging through pages of sale items and rounded up the BEST of the Nordstrom Sale that is STILL in stock! The sale ends tomorrow so now is your chance to snatch up some great deals! 💃🏼 I’m headed to the mall to go pick up a few things, better late than never right? 😅 You can shop them directly here http://liketk.it/2DV0R  or head over to the @liketoknow.it app and everything will be linked there as well! #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert
Let’s get real, it’s uncomfortable to be alone with ourselves— to sit with the good, the bad, and the ugly things about ourselves we don’t like to acknowledge. So instead, we find distractions. We find any reason to avoid “silence” (you are scrolling through your social media right now, aren’t you?) But what happens when all of those distractions go away? Do you like the person you’re left alone with? Do you even know that person? I know sometimes I struggle to fully embrace who I am. When I have those moments, I like to remind myself of these few questions... which are on the blog today. Head on over to www.morethanmeg.com to find out what questions you should be asking yourself. 💕
This maxi is the perfect end of summer transition dress. I love how flowy it is, don’t you?! I can picture it on the beach (I wish), at a wedding, or paired with a jean jacket to go out to brunch with the girls. I’m wearing a small and there are a few left in stock so hurry and grab it while you can! Use code MORETHANMEG15 for 15% off. Shop here➡️ http://liketk.it/2DOOL or on the @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50
When Taylor’s new song comes out and all you can do is look back at old school Taylor and wonder how we’ve come this far... 👀 what does everyone think of the new song? Do we love it... hate it... wish we could go back to the Teardrops on My Guitar, curly haired, country Taylor phase? Let me know your thoughts 🤔
This maxi reminds me of the “Reputation” Taylor phase— snakeskin and all... 🐍 it’s under $40 when you use my code [MORETHANMEG15] and you can shop it here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2DCIJ or on the free @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit  #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
My absolute favorite purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year! For under $35, this dress comes in SO many amazing colors and is incredibly flattering on all kinds of body types. The ruching, the quality NOT see-through fabric, the versatility— this is it ladies! 💃🏼 PLUS the sale is open to everyone until August 4th...so go get yours now before it sells out! ➡️ http://liketk.it/2DzW0 or on the @liketoknow.it app. 
PS: I’m wearing an XS and I would say it runs true to size. #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip
When he says, “I’m here” ☺️ I asked if y’all wanted some date night outfit details on my stories last night, and you said yes... so here they are! Nothing like a classic red lipstick to go with the perfect summer date outfit. 💋 Details are linked here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Dzzk  or you can go to my page on @liketoknow.it ❓QUESTION❓What’s your favorite date spot? Are you a dinner and drinks person?... movies?....something else? Let me know below! #liketkit #LTKbeauty #LTKunder50
July 4th came and went but red white and blue are always in! ❤️🇺🇸💙 Today I’m sitting down and reflecting on an incredible weekend — where people surrounded themselves with others, despite political or personal differences, to come together to celebrate OUR country. There is something so special about how those Stars and Stripes have the power to unite us no matter the circumstances. The freedom we have as Americans is NOT a right, it’s a privilege, & it’s our job to remember why we celebrate. Whether it’s with 🎇, ⚾️, or 🌭...let’s genuinely remember what we are blessed to have and never take it for granted. I hope you felt a little bit of that same unity and gratitude this weekend! 
This is the perfect little dress to beat the summer heat! You can’t go wrong with navy and white stripes — definitely giving me some major nautical vibes ⚓️ I am wearing a small and you can get yours for 15% off with code (MORETHANMEG15) SHOP NOW ➡️ http://liketk.it/2D8yK OR on the free @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
Hello Summer ☀️ Warm weather and long days call for floral mini dresses and good company. — Fun fact, I never knew what summer solstice was until about a year ago 🙈 I always wrote it off as just another one of those pretend holidays on the calendar...but I’m loving every second of this sunshine! Who says long days are bad days?! What are y’all doing to make the most out of the longest day of the year? Let me know 👇🏼
This is one of my all time favorite dresses!!! I’ve seriously been wearing it on repeat because it’s perfect to throw on when it’s hot outside and you still want to look cute. You can dress it up or down and it is the perfect summer staple! I’m wearing a small. Hurry and grab yours now for 15% off with code MORETHANMEG15 💕 As always, you can shop the whole look directly here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2CJPl or on the free @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip
A lot of questions about the dress I wore to the gala last night, so I wanted to share my secret with y’all 🤫 You’ll be shocked when you see where I found this amazing gown for a killer price! It has some give and I danced the night away without any problems 💃🏼 Definitely recommend it for any wedding, dance, or fancy event you have coming up. It comes in multiple colors and all sizes were available last time I checked... RUN, don’t walk!!! ➡️ http://liketk.it/2Cqv0  @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKwedding #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip
So I’ve been a little MIA on social media lately...you’d think the opposite would be true with summer pretty much in full swing & vacation on the brain, but truth is it’s just not. I think this might be true for a lot of you out there too. When life gets crazy it’s important that we prioritize staying present in reality rather than projecting an image across a screen... what’s happening right in front of you, what you are experiencing, is where you should be — not double tapping a screen or scrolling through a feed. Take away the distractions and you’re left with the real world & it’s your choice how you decide to show up in it. ❤️
—————————————————————————-🚨 RESTOCK ALERT 🚨 
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They say no one likes you when you’re 23, but what about 24? 🤔 So today is the big 2️⃣4️⃣ & truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of birthdays to begin with, but I do like to reflect on how far I’ve come every year... kind of like New Years pt.2 ✌🏼In all honesty, this has been a year for the books. I can probably write a novel about everything I’ve been through, but instead I’ll just leave y’all a blog post. I don’t know how, but I narrowed down 24 things I’ve learned before turning 24 (can you say that 5 times fast?). This is the post I would have wanted to send my teenage self, but also things I need to remind my self of all👏🏻the👏🏻time👏🏻... so maybe you can learn something from it too! 
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Alright, can we all just take a second and appreciate this weather. I know, I know... weather talk is pretty cliché, but I mean it y’all! I’m loving every second I get to spend outside, even in the rain. When it gets warmer I pretty much live in all the flowy dresses and sandals ☀️ If you saw my video sneak peek earlier, hou might have caught this dress! It’s 100% a must-have if you’re anything like me! Also, it is way to comfy to be this cute (seriously the fabric is baby soft 😍). You can grab it now at this link ➡️ http://liketk.it/2BIds or through the @liketoknow.it  app! Use code MORETHANMEG15 and you can take 15% off — making it under 45 y’all...it’s a steal! #liketkit #LTKspring #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert