Comparing Walmart & PB planters here. I have both of them! Walmart, Pottery Barn, outdoor planter, indoor planter, indoor plants, outdoor plants, faux olive tree, #LTKFind

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Phimos 7FT Artificial Olive Tree (82") Tall Fake Potted Olive Tree with Planter Large Faux Olive ... | Amazon (US)
Off-White Fluted Low Planter, 12" | At Home
Better Homes & Gardens 16"W x 16"L x 15.8"H Ellan White Resin Plant Pot Planter | Walmart (US)
Concrete Fluted Planter - Chalk | Pottery Barn (US)
Costa Farms  Live Indoor 14in. Tall Green Snake Plant; Bright, Indirect Sunlight Plant in 6in. Gr... | Walmart (US)
Plants with Benefits Live 24in. Tall Green Monstera Plant; 9.25in. Décor Pot | Walmart (US)
Monstera Deliciosa
         Save 10% | The Sill