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Fall decor linked!

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Styled Collection is 40% off sitewide! 

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Love this jumpsuit from Nasreen’s collection with Gibson! I’m wearing a size small and it fits TTS. It does have a hook and it’s nursing friendly :) Code NITA15

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@nextwithnita here for the last time today 😘 I’m SO ready for gingham this fall, y’all 😍 This dress I’m wearing is so flattering and is nice and flowy! It fits TTS! I’ll of course link up my makeup and what I used for my hair here too. PS- use code NITA15 to get 15% off my necklace! Thank y’all so much following along as I share little tidbits of my life and what I love 🤍 hope y’all have the best day!! Be sure to follow me over @nextwithnita for more fun content 🤪 xo #LTKTuesdayTakeover

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Hi again, it’s @nextwithnita!  🧡 I absolutely love all things beauty and love experimenting with new products to create fun looks! Doing makeup is one of my passions and I share a bunch of tips and tricks over on my reels and IGTV! I created a fun orange look here to match this cozy set I got in! I love the bold color and how soft it is. All the products I used will be linked of course! xoxo #LTKTakeoverTuesday 

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My baby boy Kaiyen’s current play pen! 

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Fall shoes on sale including wedges, flats, slides, white sneakers, cream leather booties, and more! 

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My new laundry pendants #target

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My random hair amazon purchases + bio oil haha

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The sweetest feminine dress from Nasreen’s collection with Gibson! I’m wearing a size small. The smocked waist detailing makes it a bit adjustable which I love. Code NITA15 gets you 15% off!

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kaiyen’s water kitchen you 

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What men see vs what women see 😂 I mean, is this video just not spot on?! Hi, it’s @nextwithnita! My hubby and I love doing fun little skits and reels that are…well, accurate. Haha! I feel like this applies to everything though—anyone else’s husband struggle to find things around the house even though it’s basically right in front of them?! Speaking of fridge, we actually got a new one recently and love how spacious this one is! Plus it makes craft ice!! I’ll link this + our fridge containers and organizers here! Xo #LTKTakeoverTuesday

9 months in, 9 months out ❤ Crazy how fast time flies. Being a mom has truly been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve also very much so embraced being a mommy blogger these days, haha! In fashion news, the heels on the left are the most comfortable heels you will ever own!! I can walk in them ALL day, they’re cushiony and so flattering on. Get your true size or if you have winder feet, maybe go up half a size! Dress is old from Asos but I’ll link up a couple of similar options here. #LTKTakeoverTuesday 

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I’m wearing a size medium in the PJ set. Slippers fit TTS.

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Our coffee table books

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Abercrombie is an extra 25% off for the LTK Sale! 

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Tarte is 25% off + free shipping for the LTK Sale! 

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Cutest little midi dress from Nasreen’s collection with Gibson! I’m wearing a size small. If I’m between, size down. Code NITA15
Hey friends, @nextwithnita again and welcome to our living room!! We went with more chic modern in this room but I can tell you one thing for sure - this couch is the comfiest couch you’ll ever sit on!!! Ours is in shade opulent polar 🤍 what color is your couch?! #LTKTuesdayTakeover

Hi, it’s @nextwithnita and welcome to Kai’s nursery! The nursery is still my favorite room in the house. It was the first room furnished when we moved in and it’s been such a joy watching our son grow up here. We went with a space theme for him and we just adore how everything turned out! The paint on the wall is SW Naval!  #LTKTakeoverTuesday 

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Hi friends!! 🥰 It’s Nita & the fam here from @nextwithnita and I’m so honored to take over the @shop.ltk page today!  I’ll be sharing some fun reels my hubby and I create + home, fashion and beauty content throughout the day! This photo is us in a nutshell! 😂 We’re just a goofy little family here to make you laugh every day! We’re currently sitting in my studio right now even though it’s a work in progress. We got wallpaper installed (got it from Hovia) but I’ll link up everything else for you guys! This is where I get ready each day. I plan to make the room super romantic and moody!  🖤#LTKTakeoverTuesday 

Kids clothing and kids shoes on sale for up to 40% off! 

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Some of my favorite Clinique products that are available at Sephora!  

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Soma is having a 25% off sale including nursing bras! 

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40% off the barefoot dreams dupe blanket from styled collection #ltkday

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Kai’s favorite things 

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Hi there, it’s @nextwithnita again! I don’t say this often but you should 100% run to get this PJ set, y’all!! It’s SO cozy and the heart print is so so cute. I’m wearing a medium here and I love the’s not too tight or too loose. This does come in other patterns too! I don’t know about you guys but I love a good PJ set and when I find a good one I basically live in it until I find the next amazing one, haha! #LTKTakeoverTuesday

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Did he really just say “dada”?! 😅 It’s @nextwithnita here….well, Nita’s husband, Ajeet, and son, Kaiyen! Haha! This is my favorite video to date even though I’m 99% sure Kai Kai said “dada” after I asked him to say “mama” lol. He says dada all the time now!! Kai spends most of his time in our living room which is also his playroom these days. I’ll link up our living room furniture you see here + some of Kaiyen’s furniture including his playpen!  #LTKTakeoverTuesday 

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New makeup arrivals including Charlotte Tilbury palette, REFY highlighter, cream blush, cream bronzer, eyebrow pencil, Rare beauty mascara, and more. 

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Cb2 home furniture and home decor on clearance up to 50% off! Great for modern home decor, cozy home, simplistic home. 

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