Sending you all my 💋♥️ this #valentinesday2019. But anyone else not feeling the love ❤️? I want to share with you why I used to hate #valentines because I hope it helps you know you are loved right now! I didn’t marry until much later in life - 38 to be exact - so I was always frustrated with the lovey dovey types on valentines but I resolved at a pretty young age - well late 20s - that I was not going to let what the world, my parents, the media said I was supposed to do - get a mate - be what determined my happiness. Valentine’s to me for so long was a reminder of what I didn’t have until it became a symbol of what I do have -and what each of you have - the love of God that loves unconditionally, unwaveringly, forever, and always. I don’t think I have always understood God’s love perfectly - in fact sometimes I think about God as a nice grandmother or a disciplining father but all of those are buckets I put God in - not what God really is. I learned to slowly trust God’s unending love for me and the journey to that understanding has given me so much more freedom than to tie my happiness to whether I have any one relationship or not on this earth. So don’t let Valentine’s Day #fakenews tell you you are not loved if you don’t have a plus one. You are loved! “...even you know how to give good things to your children. Your Father in heaven knows much better than you do how to give good things to his children. He will give good things to everyone who asks him.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:11‬ ‭What I want everyone - single, married or somewhere in between - your value and self worth cannot be wrapped up in having another human relationship because those will all end someday and those other humans will fail you and you will fail them. Tether your heart to a source that will always love, always hope, and always encourage you! There is a book I am reading by Francis Chan callee Crazy Love. Check it out if you need some encouragement today! Kisses, hats and hugs from me to you 😘 • • • • #valentines2019 #truelove2019 this look 👉 or Download the app to shop this pic via screenshot #liketkit #fedora #hatsforwomen #fedorastyle #hatstyle

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