One year ago this weekend my life was in boxes and I took a big risk. I had just graduated with my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and chose not to sign my contract to teach another year. Instead I was headed with a U-Haul (and my parents given that they are my #1 fans for coming to watch me graduate with a degree I wasn’t planning to use and move me out of one place and into another in the span of 24 hours) from Greenville, SC to start something new in Birmingham, AL. As risky of a change as it was to move somewhere new without a job secured I’m so glad (and proud of myself) to have done it! Timing was on our side and my roommate and I found a house two days before I moved and I was able to unload everything into it before officially starting the lease in September. I stayed that Sunday night in Birmingham (thanks for the place to crash Macy), interviewed with the company I now work for on Monday, and headed to Fairhope for three weeks at home confident that I had made the right choice. A year later and I can confirm that I was right! Leaving a job where I wasn’t happy didn’t make me a quitter (even if I felt like it at times), and moving somewhere new wasn’t as overwhelming as it once seemed. To avoid making this caption any longer, I wrote a blog post last month all about the value of a pivot that sums up how far I feel like I’ve come in the past year (you can swipe up to it in my insta story). And because I always get questions, I’ve linked my rug for y’all on the app. #liketkit #LTKunder100


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Manhattan Hand-Tufted Blue Ikat Rug (5'0 x 7'6) | Bed Bath & Beyond
Manhattan Hand-Tufted Blue Ikat Rug (7'6 x 9') | Bed Bath & Beyond
Manhattan Hand-Tufted Blue Ikat Rug (5'0 x 7'6) | Bed Bath & Beyond