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Mom jeans and a cropped tee, so essentially you can’t tell me nothing😉🤷🏼‍♀️😍

Mom jeans are from the one and only #americaneagle and I 10/10 recommend👏🏼 I’m wearing a size 6 in the jeans and they’re TTS😌 Def grab you a pair cause you’ll feel like a million bucks!💕😍

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You can never go wrong with a pair of mom jeans and a cute graphic tee😌😍

You can snag the tee for $18 on shopsimplymadisynn.com 😉💕

These jeans are from American Eagle and are sooo comfortable!  You can bend, dance, sit, and run in them comfortably, I tested them for you lol😂 I’m wearing a size 6 cause the size 4 was a little snug, so if you’re in between sizes, def go up.  

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If you’re needing something to keep your #Toddler entertained and cool this summer, then def snag one of these bad boys😍🔥 We got this pool from Target & it’s under $50👏🏼 it took maybe ten minutes to blow and fill it up!  My little man had a smile on his face the whole time so I definitely recommend😌💕

I bought an air pump from Target too cause ain’t nobody got time to try inflate that themselves😂 it’s on sale for $10 and some change so I linked it all here for ya😏💕
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Brand new review on my favorite American Eagle jeans is officially live over at SimplyMadisynn.com 😍 I’m wearing a 6 in all three pair and love them so much!  Two are high waisted and one is not, but so comfortable & will have you feeling fabulous💕 The jeggings are on sale for $30 too😌 everything is linked and all the tees are from my shop at shopsimplymadisynn.com 😌😍

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Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to some new hair products and perfume🔥😍 These curlsmith products are everything and you can even save if you have the honey extension on your laptop🙌🏼 I will be doing a review over these products soon too, so stay tuned! The perfume is everything and so delicious smelling!  Not too strong, but def makes a statement😉💕

Everything is linked here, happy shopping!😍 

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Sharing my new #Washday routine for #Curlyhair over on my blog😍🔥 Head over to SimplyMadisynn.com to see what I use and the steps I use to get my curls poppin👏🏼 I share some before and afters too so check it out🙈💕

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Did someone say Tie Dye?👀🤷🏼‍♀️😍 This super cute and comfy Tie Dye set is from #PinkLily and you can snag the top for $24 instead of $40 today👏🏼🔥 I got a medium in the top and if you’re on the thicker side, I’d size up on the bottoms.  I got a medium and def should’ve got a large🙈💕

They’re super cute, comfy, and will have you chillin in style.  Grab yours before it’s gone🔥

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Three simple products to help freshen up your #Curls before a wash day👏🏼 I start off with some Fanola Restructuring oil, then go in with my Pothead Hair Care Leave Me Be, and finish it off with Miss Jessie’s Multicultural curls!🙌🏼 Keeps your hair shiny, your curls popping, and hold you over till wash day!

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Where are all of my book lovers at?😍 Anything Shari Lapena writes is an automatic hit and The Wives seems amazing🙌🏼🔥 Both Target finds and both 20% off the sticker price😌 Both of them linked along with some of my other favs!

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Woke up & decided to put on something other than a Graphic Tee Leggings😂 I cant tell difference though cause I’m so comfortable!  This Crewneck sweater shirt is comfy and feels like butter! in medium I’d say it’s true size. It’s currently sale for $20 too👀😍 The jeans are EVERYTHING! Idk who made #AmericanEagles jean’s, but they did that👏🏼👏🏼I’m wearing size six fit perfectly. They have some stretch them you can pop, lock, drop it not worry about ripping. 10/10 recommend both the house shoes too😂🙈 y’all knew that since can’t stop haha #LTKStyleTip #Momfits #SimpleOutfits

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I’m doing a roundup of all Greysyn’s favorite toys & this one is still high up there on his list🙌🏼 He 18 months old and loves to push baby around run with it too!  You can take the you part off from walker so they play in car or just house😍💙 it’s under $35 Prime item Amazon, def check out💕 #BabyToys #BabyWalker #ToysForOneYearOlds

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The cutest baby basketball player you ever did see😍 Grey got this little Vtech Basketball goal for his birthday and he LOVES it!  It comes with a basketball for them to shoot in the hoop & a soccer goal that they can kick the ball in💙

This toy is probably one of his favorites from his birthday cause he’s always grabbing the ball and playing basketball😭😍 it’s fun for us parents to play with too😂 it’s under $40 and I highly recommend😌

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We found the BEST sleepers for Greysyn a few weeks back and I am loving them😍 the camo and lightning strike one are a bit of a splurge, but sooo good🙌🏼 They are by Tucker and Tate from Nordstrom and they are flexible, comfortable material, and not too thick so they won’t get hot!💙The other three are more budget friendly and they’re the burts bees and caters for you brand from Target😍 We got his sleepers in 12-18 months and they fit perfectly!  
I’ve linked them all here for you, so happy shopping🙌🏼

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It’s a comfy Saturday over here so I’m rocking my favorite #bikershorts from Fabletics & my #SucculentPothead tee from @Simplymadisynndesigns on Insta😍 both so cozy & true to size!  My vans are my absolute fav and something I wear daily, so 10/10 recommend!  I’m wearing a size 9, TTS😌🙌🏼 You can shop the shirt at www.simplymadisynn.com/designs and use code TWOPIECE for $5 off two shirts and use code TRIPLESET for $10 off three shirts😌💕 
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Happy Saturday💕 Sharing my fav outfit from this whole summer and not just cause it’s one of the only ones I bought, but because of how confident it made me feel😍😍 I’m wearing a medium & I’d say it’s tts😌
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You’re the best part of me😍💙

Rocking my dress from @PinkLilyBoutique & I’m obsessed👏🏼🙌🏼 Grey is rocking his white polo shirt and khakis from @Carters cause who doesn’t love a good sale🤷🏼‍♀️😌  I’m wearing a medium in the dress and it’s true to size.💕

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Excuse my mess of a closet, just trying to be as real life as possible lol😂 I’m Sharing one of my favorite new dresses from @pinklilyboutique with y’all😍 I got it for our family pictures and it was perfect!  The open back was probably my fav and made me feel confident & amazing, which is much needed for this mama🙌🏼👏🏼 I will say the top was a bit big, but everywhere else fit perfectly!  I got a medium which is my true size💕💕 

The dress is a bit long, but I personally loved it🙌🏼 it is $48 but you can get 15% off with the code blameitondede 😌💕 enjoy y’all & happy shopping!!

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Some of my favorite items from Target💕  this Mielle conditioner is perfect for all of my #Curlyhair Girls & so is the Eva NYC hair mask😍🙌🏼 I use the Ever Spring all purpose spray to clean our tub to make sure Grey bath time is as safe a possible👏🏼 Cerave is saving my skin with the help of my #SkinnySkincare face serum as well. Thank goodness cause my pp hormones had my face going crazy💪🏼 Lastly, I switched to organic tampons over a year ago & its been a game changer for that time of the month👏🏼💕 

Everything is extremely affordable and they’re all $12 or cheaper😌 happy shopping yall🙌🏼💕
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& somehow #11Months went by just like that😭😍 Linking his whole outfit because it’s just too cute and his tank and shorts are both on sale for $6 each💙 linked a few other finds as well for all my other #BoyMamas too!
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We FINALLY got a new baby monitor and I’m obsessed🙌🏼 We had the #OwletMonitor before but with our terrible wifi we always ended up losing connection, so it was time to upgrade👏🏼 We ended up with the #VavaBabyMonitor and it hasn’t disappointed yet💪🏼 it moves, you can have multiple cameras connected to the same monitor, the clarity is amazing, and you don’t have to worry about losing wifi😍😍

It costed $159, but there is a 5% coupon currently.  If you have terrible wifi and need a monitor, this is the one you want!💕 you won’t be disappointed😌
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Can’t believe my sweet baby is a whole #10MonthOld😭😍 hes the most adventurous little soul I know aNd I can’t wait to see the places he goes👏🏼 love you stink!  He’s wearing a 12 month in the romper and then a size 2 in the shoes😌 The romper comes with 2 different patterns and we are saving the other pattern for Fourth of July😉💙
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Sharing some of my favorite items from the @Fabletics #MemorialDaySale 💙 I included a high impact sports bra, a few of my fav pairs of leggings with pockets, and my fav biker shorts😍🙌🏼 I have everything in a medium and then the bra in a large!  I even added the cutest hoodies since they were on sale, so happy shopping😌
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Fabletics knew what they were doing when they made their clothes cause they can take ALL of my money😩😍🙌🏼 Wearing their leggings that hide my mom pudge, the best sports bra with all the support💪🏼, & one of my fav hoodies to date!  I’ll be back in a little and link the leggings too and some of my other favs that for the #MemorialdaySale 😌💕 happy shopping!!  For reference I’m wearing a large in the sports bra, large in the pants (could totally do a medium since I’ve lost inches) and a medium in the sweatshirt too🙌🏼👏🏼
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One thing I’ve come to realize as a new mama is that babies grow FAST👏🏼 Carter’s & Oshkosh has made our lives as parents easier by giving us all the sales😍 I went ahead and rounded up some of my favorite boy items from the sale, so check it out😌 I’ll be sure to round up some more baby clothing sales and add it to the blog too💕 happy shopping mamas😍👏🏼
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This is 24!💕 Blessed to see another year especially during times like this🙌🏼 Sharing my outfit details cause it’s all Fabletics minus the shirt!  Join as a VIP for money off your purchase😌
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Hey y’all!  Sharing some of my top post partum finds that helped me make recovery as easy as possible🙌🏼 I didn’t need too much, but these things were all essential😍 I added the hair masks cause I promise you’re going to want to keep your hair as hydrated as possible to help you on the days you comb it out!  I regret not doing this🙈🙈 I’m going to add more like the leggings that made me feel confident and cozy when I did have to leave, so hope y’all enjoy!!💕💕
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Hey y’all!!💕 I got this little Instax Polaroid camera from amazon a month or so & it has been a hit in our household🙌🏼🙌🏼 I got it to take random pics for Grey’s baby book and we’ve had so much fun doing just that😍 I got my camera with the carrying case, batteries, and 3 packs of film which gives you 60 photos😌💕 

I did finally run out cause we’ve been snapping so many pics, but I found the best deal on film!!  It’s $11.90 for 20 pieces of film, so I snagged 3!🙌🏼 the camera comes in multiple colors, so def grab your new memory maker and have fun!!😌
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Sharing my Easter gift guide for the little baby’s first Easter🙌🏼 a lot of it is on sale today at Target, so run before it’s over!!  I have a ton of sleepers, shoes, toys, and books on there for the littles😍💙 I’ll also be adding more to the post daily, so head to the blog to see the new additions daily😌😌
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Don’t let the dumbbells fool you, I hit up the Starbucks drive thru and ordered a caramel frappe with a coffee cake on the side right before this workout😂😋 Feeling a little stir crazy and this rain has me feeling down a bit, so I thought I’d get a quick workout in while Grey was napping🙌🏼 Linking the best workout shoes ever because they make working out a breeze!  I did size down a size because they run large👏🏼 They’re currently on sale for $91 and come in 4 different colors, so run fast before they’re gone!!💕💕
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Stop what you’re doing & get your debit cards cause Tory Burch Millers are currently on sale🙌🏼😍 these babies NEVER go on sale, so for them to be marked down to $158.40 is huge!!💕 Take advantage while they still have sizes left😌 I wear a 9.5 in mine (usually a 9) and they fit perfect!  Happy shopping🙌🏼
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