I admit that I have some basic millennial tendencies, like stockpiling Starbucks cups and Yetis, but when Stanley Quencher tumbler started going viral last year, I drew my line in the sand and refused to be that basic. I vowed I would not, under any circumstance, buy into the hype of another cup that does exactly what my beloved Yeti cups already do, and when Chloe asked for one as a Christmas gift — I refused to get it for her. In my defense, she got A LOT of gifts, and the cup was marked up to $60 on Amazon (and TikTok famous), so that was a sound enough reason to say no in my mind. That all changed one Saturday in February, when I spent 7 hours schlepping stuff around at a 7on 7 football tournament for Trav. ***Full story and review on the blog #LTKFind #LTKGiftGuide


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