Where was this with my first baby?? #ad We had one of the top rated bottle warmers with my first baby and we still had so many issues with inconsistent warming speed and temperature. And don't even get me started on the hassle of traveling with Thomas as an infant and keeping breastmilk cold and then trying to warm it up with hot water (if we could track any down) in a thermos. Not ideal. Thankfully, one of my FAVORITE brands, @Ember now has a self-warming baby bottle. (I've used an @Ember coffee mug for years - it's a must, especially for moms with young kids, since it keeps your coffee warm!) Not only does it come with a thermos to keep breastmilk or formula cold for 4 hours, it will warm up the bottle's contents in under 5 minutes to the perfect temperature. You don't need an outlet to warm - just keep the warming puck charged and you can warm up a bottle on the go, from anywhere. It has multiple temperature sensors so every bottle is warmed precisely to just the right heat to preserve nutrients while eliminating hot spots. There's also an app to start the warming process and to track feedings (both for ounces if using formula and for time spent nursing). If you're a mom who is always on the go -- whether running errands all over town with your little one, or hitting the skies often -- you will love the Ember Self-Warming Bottle. Put it on your registry if you're expecting or treat yourself to a little convenience if your little one is already here. And why you're at it, grab an Ember Coffee Mug too. You won't regret either purchase!

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