*SALE* My new favorite! Comment SEND MAGIC for the links! I absolutely could not love the Dyson Airstrait anymore! It makes your hair so smooth and dries so fast! #walmartpartner I have pretty much tried all of the Dyson hair tools! I have three favorites that I use regularly! You can grab all at @walmart too! As soon as I tried the Dyson Airstrait, it went to the very top of my list! ProTip: I still use my Dyson hairdryer to quickly dry the roots! Airstrait can however be used as a blow dryer to get those roots, but it just is not as powerful as the regular blow dryer! I do have and love the Dyson Airwrap too! I don’t usually use it to curl my hair, but I do use the blow dryer attachments! The brush attachment really dries your hair smooth and quick as well! I love the round brush to curl in those ends! I will give it a hot shot and then let it cool before releasing! Really locking in the curl! #dyson #hairtutorial #hairtips #beautybloggers #beautytips #walmartfinds


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