Cozy sweaters and Starbucks GTLs = a happy Carey! 

Cyber Week is here and my outfit is part of the sale! My sweater is 40% off today and my jeans (they’re old but I found the exact same style in a slightly different wash) are 30% — and these jeans hardly ever go on sale! Happy shopping 🥂

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Cozy sweaters and Starbucks GTLs = a happy Carey! Cyber Week is here and my outfit is part of the sale! My sweater is 40% off today and my jeans (they’re old but I found the exact same style in a slightly different wash) are 30% — and these jeans hardly ever go on sale! Happy shopping 🥂

Aerie Waffle Oversized Crew Sweater | American Eagle Outfitters (US & CA)
Classic Straight Jeans in Nearwood Wash | Madewell
Kaylah Pointed Toe Bootie | Nordstrom
Mini Iconic Matte Revolution Lipstick Trio - Charlotte Tilbury | Sephora | Sephora (US)
Mini GG Marmont 2.0 Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag | Nordstrom
Gen 4 Sofie Gold-Tone Smartwatch | Michael Kors (US & CA)
Kira Chevron Quilted Small Convertible Leather Crossbody Bag | Nordstrom
Nano Walker Leather Wallet on a Chain | Nordstrom

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Daily finds: fall outfits, sweaters, leather jacket, leather shorts, houndstooth skirt, striped sweater

CAREY40 for 40% off! 

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On Sundays we were tennis skirts 🎾 Finally got out of the apartment today, mainly bc I needed groceries for the next few days 🤣 but felt like flowers were definitely in order! 

It started actually feeling like fall tonight with a slight crispness to the air and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so over this summer weather in NYC — bring on the boots and cozy sweaters! 

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Daily finds: fall outfits, houndstooth, fall shorts, trousers, work pants, cardigan, knit dress, fall dress 

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Favorite knit midi skirt fully stocked and on major sale! 

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My heart says fall 🍂🍁, the weather says think again 😑

This time of year is always tricky to dress for the weather, that’s why I like to wear “fall lite” clothes like these leather shorts and a mock neck crop! 

You guys, tomorrow is my first day of class and I’m equally so exciting and so nervous! Wish me luck 🤞🏻, the class is the capstone for my masters program! 

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It’s official: Nashville has my heart ❤️🤠 it was an amazing, wild weekend in Music City and I already can’t wait to go back!

Planning on sharing my Nashville recap on the blog this week! 

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Daily finds — fall dresses, fall outfits, wedding guest dress, little black dress, sweater, leather jacket, work outfits, teacher outfits 

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Yesterday was a whirlwind but got to celebrate my friend’s graduation from the Columbia journalism school masters program! If you live in NYC you should definitely go to Ellington in the Park — it’s one of our faves and is so cute for a casual dinner and drinks! 

Was feeling the preppy vibe in this fit yesterday! Definitely saving this top for one of the days I go into the office! Also, I got two compliments on it yesterday and was told it gave major Chanel vibes which is just the ultimate compliment 🤩

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Daily finds: fall outfits, fall transition outfits, pre fall outfits, white dress, denim, bodysuit 

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And it’s a wrap on vacation content, but I just had to share this cute white number I wore to dinner! 

Will 100% wear this corset top into fall with jeans or a leather skirt! 

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Cowboy boots szn 🍁🍂

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Daily finds: fall outfits, fall dress, shacket, cardigan set, sweater, plaid skirt 

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Daily finds: fall outfits, jeans, bodysuit, jacket, bridal pajamas, bachelorette pajamas, corset top

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Daily finds: fall outfits, sweater vest, sweater dress, jeans, denim, work outfits, matching set, teacher outfits, back to school 

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Daily finds: fall outfits, fall dresses, wedding guest dress, work outfits, work dress, fall booties, fall boots 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKunder100 #LTKbacktoschool
Just call me Carey Bradshaw bc my shoe 👠 addiction is real! Just wait for fall to really hit bc boots are my THING 🤩

Will be on a plane tonight, but these heels have me feeling ready for Friday night! They’re almost sold out, but linking lots of fun ~and affordable~ shoes in my LTK shop! 

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Not me wearing lounge clothes all day only to throw on the shirt I’ve been wearing the past few days in hopes I’ll get a photo — pics or it didn’t happen right?

Going out for dinner and drinks with some friends so breaking out my favorite @sarahflint_nyc pumps! Reminder that you can use my code SARAHFLINT-BACAREYS for $50 off your first pair — works for any shoe, not just the pumps! 

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Travel outfit: bike shorts, white sneakers, oversized button down 

#LTKtravel #LTKbacktoschool #LTKSeasonal
Travel outfit: bike shorts, oversized button down, and white sneakers!

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Fall wedding guest dresses pt. 2

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Makeup favorites part of the LTK sale!

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Friday night ootd wearing the H&M loose straight jeans! 

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It’s been a long week… she says on a Monday 🙄 how’s your Monday going?

Headed to my second class of the fall semester tonight — content strategy! V excited for this one bc it’s not only what I do hear, but what I do for my job! Also, it’s in-person in a building on campus I’ve never been to before, so that’s exciting to me 🤣 

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Collegiate girl 📚 

Feeling slightly emotional because unless I decide to get another masters degree or a PhD, this is probably my last first day of class EVER 😭

I’ve been loving my time at Columbia and can’t believe it’s coming to an end in a few months… 

Anyway, the weather is v weird today, so I decided I couldn’t go wrong with classic pieces — a white button down, medium wash jeans, black booties, and my go-to leather tote! 

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Daily finds: fall dress, shacket, sweater dress, leather skirt, wedding guest dress, fall dresses, teacher outfits

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Daily finds: leather crop, little black dress, fall dresses, fall sweaters, cardigan, fall outfits 

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Abercrombie fall finds!

Fall outfits, fall transition, leather pants, leather skirt, fall dress, matching set, tailored trousers 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKbacktoschool #LTKunder100
The best summer hat! 

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Daily finds: bodysuit, fall outfit, fall transition, bodysuit, off the shoulder sweater

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Fall wedding guest dresses pt. 1 

#LTKSeasonal #LTKstyletip #LTKwedding