VAIL you were beautiful!! we lived in the hot tub after a long day of hiking! This swimmie is only $12🙌🏼💗 #liketkit

VAIL you were beautiful!! we lived in the hot tub after a long day of hiking! This swimmie is only $12🙌🏼💗 #liketkit

Tie Dye Cut-out Knot One Piece Swimsuit | SHEIN

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This shacket screams FALL🍁 but the weather on the coast does not 🤦🏼‍♀️. Cooler temps coming this week though so I’m ready 🤍. What’s your favorite season? mines definitely fall if you can’t tell 😉🎃 linking a pair of beige combat boots + this versatile shacket from @forever21
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Amazon crossbody bags / shoulder bags / lv bag / neutral bag / neutral purse / chain bag 

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Target finds / target sweater dress / target style / quilted bag / plaid shacket 

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5 minute makeup routine 

loveeee watching the morning sunlight come in Hudson’s nursery on this beautiful Sunday morning! ☀️ 🌊🤍

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Target Fall Baby Clothes 

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Our stroller set 

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Goodnight Macaron Fall Sweaters / Fall Arrivals / Fall Style 

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Disney baby halloween pajamas 

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Fall amazon baby style / neutral baby / baby sweater / neutral baby clothes 

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running errands looks a little different nowadays 👶🏼🤍 this duster cardigan reminds me of the one I wore in Vail last fall, so cozy & super affordable (available in black too)🍁 / 

Combat boots / target find / target finds / cream boots / mountain outfit 

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happy weekend😌🍁 took a few days off to take in all the cuddles & learn how to “mom”. If there’s anything I’ve learned after countless hours of no sleep and feeling like you have so much on your to-do list still is that being a mom is for sure a second job. definitely have had to multi task working from home and taking care of my little guy while dad goes back to work, it was super rough at first but we are starting to get a routine and I’m feeling soooo much more confident at this mom thing 😉 👶🏼⁣
I started off breastfeeding thinking it was going to workout but Huddy has been doing surprisingly so much better on formula as we’ve been supplementing & weaning him off. After many breakdowns and tears, we felt like this was the best decision for our family & lifestyle. So mamas if you’re struggling do what’s best for you and don’t let pressure or words overtake you! You got this! Breastfed or formula a fed baby is best.⁣
Linking my ootd shacket from @goodnightmacaron / code 

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Fall Door Mats / Fall Home Decor 

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happy friends! getting ready to go grab a pumpkin cold brew + spend the day catching up on some work & enjoying all the cuddles with my baby boy!🎃 🤍 learning to “mom” is hard but I’m so grateful for this little guy 🌊 // today’s romper is on sale for under $15 + I’m linking Hudson’s baby converse & outfit from @hm 

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Forever 21 Order / Shacket / Shacket / Fall Fashion / quilted bag / duster cardigan 

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there’s plenty more of mommy & me outfits from amazon coming for ya this fall!👶🏼 baby boy has my 🤍 & is ready for a fun filled weekend with his gma & great gma!🍁 / Hudson’s ootd is under $15 + wearing a size m in my loungewear set from amazon 

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Amazon cozy sets / amazon finds / amazon find / cream set / blue set / tie dye set / loungewear / amazon loungewear 

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baby huddy 👶🏼 wanted to show y’all his new pumpkin spice baby onesie 🤍🎃 -> now available on @shopthebohobaby / also side note this little man loves to stroll! taking him to get his first pumpkin this weekend & I’m so excited 🍁

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Target / Fall Fashion / Target Style / Fall style / target clothes / Sherpa cost / cream coat / plaid / plaid kimono / fall vibe 

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White cowgirl boots / white cowboy boots / western boots 

pumpkin cold brew + shopping day with baby huddy & hubby! we had a nice sushi date and he did so well👶🏼🤍 (mama hasn’t had sushi in 9 months) / now it’s college football 🏈 and chill time with the fam / sweater + purse is from @goodnightmacaron & 40% off with code Kenzie40 🍁👜 have a great night!

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Shacket / Shackets / Fall Style / Fall Fashion

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Baby Target Onesies / Baby Boy

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$20 Target Pullover / Target Finds / Target Shorts / Baby Mama /  Athletic Shorts 

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