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Christmas in July…Spain Style! ❤️💚 Andrew and I were on our way to see Gaudi’s first house when we passed this AMAZING building on the narrowest of streets. 😍The coolest part…it’s actually someone’s HOUSE. 😱 This is one of my favorite, unexpected shots from our trip which just goes to show that often the best parts of traveling is wandering and discovering hidden gems. 🥰
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What’s your FAVORITE road trip snack?👇🏻For us, we have to have a family size box of extra toasty Cheezits and something sweet like gummy worms. 🤤 We’re hitting the road and spending a few days together in New Mexico this weekend and you can bet our bags will be packed with all the snacks. 😉 If you’re looking for the cutest jackets to take into fall, we’re linking these fun fringe options on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app!
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If you could back up and go ANYWHERE for 2 weeks where would it be?👇🏻🌎
Anyone else get back from vacation and immediately start planning their next adventure? 😂 We just love having a trip to look forward to! If we could go anywhere right now it would be NYC because we had so much fun last summer exploring the city and enjoying frose at the cutest rooftop bar. 🥂 We never travel anywhere without our favorite @verabradley bags. Linking these favorite hard suitcases and weekend bags on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app! Save an extra 10% off the entire website with code TWOSOCOPS
Blinded by the light 💙☀️When you travel, do you hunt for colorful places? Finding spots like this are literally what we live for (maybe it’s the bloggers in us? 🙃) Next week we’ll be back together in New Mexico and can’t wait to showcase all the pretty blue hues the pop up out of nowhere! We got so many questions about these dresses when we were together last time. We’re linking them along with a few blue favorites on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app!

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Happy National Sisters Day!
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If we could describe this summer in one word it would be: HOPE 💛 Hope for travel and seeing the world again! Hope for singing and enjoying live music. 🎶Hope for making up all the missed holidays and family hugs! 🥰 
Seeing more and more people in Michigan and around the world get vaccinated has sparked that hope within us for a better, happier summer, jam packed with great memories! If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please remember that we need herd immunity to truly move on from this pandemic. It takes all of us to do our part so we can keep that hope growing! 
We know that there’s so much misinformation out there about vaccines, we’re sharing some trusted websites to answer any questions you may have!
Sources for vaccine information based entirely on medical science include IVaccinate.org, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and the CDC.
We care about you all, and can’t wait to see our hopes turn into reality!
ALSO 👉🏻 Michigan is hosting a sweepstakes to encourage COVID vaccinations.
The Mi Shot to Win sweepstakes is running now and Michigan residents can enter for a chance to win the following:
$1 Million Drawing. There is one $1M Drawing prize for Michiganders age 18 and older
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$2 Million Drawing. There is one $2 Million Drawing prize for Michiganders age 18 and older
Scholarship Drawing. There are nine Scholarship Drawing prizes available for Michiganders between ages 12-17.
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Last night in SPAIN!🇪🇸 The past two weeks have been an absolute dream come true and I feel overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude typing this. 🙏 I truly believe that travel is so ESSENTIAL to us being able to understand other cultures and realize that our American perspective of the world is NOT the only perspective that exists or matters. 🌍 I hope to continue traveling and expanding my views of the world so I can be a more kind and compassionate person in my day to day life. Thanks for following along on our Spanish journey and I can’t wait to share our next adventure soon! 🥰
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Sharing the prettiest orange dress from my time in Spain! The bow straps and pockets are some of my favorite details!