I normally dislike anything floral smelling! So, I was so surprised when I tested this Gucci perfume scent and that I loved it. I tried it for the day to see how it turned on my skin and as the hours went on feel in love with the calming subtle fresh scent. I think because for me the underlying pear, brown sugar and jasmine float to the top. So it isn’t so much “floral” but more fresh clean scent. I recently was standing next to a woman at Target this week and she said “oh my you smell so good”. That cinched it for me! I also like the spray on this bottle it has a finer mist spray so I don’t feel like you’re wasting the perfume. It reminds me of a classic perfume atomizer bottle that would gently “puff” the spray on to your skin. I also like that it’s not overpowering… I would feel comfortable wearing this in the office or on a date night. Some scents I hesitate to wear because I know it might bother others but this one I feel is appealing to most I usually always go back to my favorite scents: viva la juicy or cloud… but I have a feeling this might take over since I’ve been getting just about as many compliments wearing it as my other favs. Savings tip: when investing in a high quality perfume I will usually buy the roller ball version or a mini version to make sure I will wear it regularly before I invest in a larger bottle #LTKGiftGuide


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