Detox bath recipe! Great way to detox or feel better and do some self care during the winter months. Swipe through the photos for the recipe. Save to come back to! Want the full recipe? Go to and search “bath”. detox bath recipe|detox bath recipe with epsom salt|detox bath recipe with bentonite clay|detox bath recipe for colds|detox bath recipe for heavy metals|detox bath recipe for adults| detox bath recipe|detox bath|detox bath soak|detox bath for cold|detox bath benefits|what to put in a bath to relieve a cold|best detox bath to remove toxins|what to put in a bath to relieve a cold|what to put in bath to draw out toxins|cold and flu bath soak|detox bath for cold and flu|best homemade detox bath| bath soak|bath soak recipe|bath soak detox|bath soak for sore muscles|bath soak recipe for sore muscles|bath soak for colds.


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