At Home Pet Grooming - I'm obviously not a professional and learned how to groom our shih tzu at home by trial and error. I am using a nail grinder on @hi.ralphie (video clip is saved to the 'Grooming' IG stories highlights on his Instagram account). Young pups hate getting their paws handled so be patient! The more you do it the more tolerable it is for the both of you. You can also do little by little such as one paw a day or even one nail a day. Once your pup realizes they are not being harmed by this weird buzzing/vibrating device they will trust you to handle their paws. I also linked to a tiny clipper from Amazon I use to trim the fur between his paw pads. The first time was a learning experience since I never used clippers before and I shaved too much fur around his paws so he looked like he had fingers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I always trim the fur around his paws with rounded scissors (also linked) first and then I go in with the tiny clipper on the lower setting (without the guard since the tiny clipper is not very powerful). It honestly takes a lot of time and patience but now Ralphie lets me get all the hair inbetween his paws and grind his nails versus manually filing his nails. #liketkit #LTKunder50


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