#Sponsored I'm very pleased with my latest @walmart haul for @hi.ralphie and I wanted to share some daily care tips for our Shih Tzu with Chronic Kidney Disease. I restocked some of his favorite treats from brands we love such as Greenies and Milk-Bone (high calorie treats are split in half to prevent over treating). I also picked up a large box of training pads since he drinks tons of water and pees a lot - symptoms of CKD. I often have him go on the pads in his designated indoor potty area (refer to my stories) before we go on walks otherwise he will mark up the neighborhood with epic puddles or long squiggles of pee mail. Ralphie has renewed interest in eating since he's been on a low protein home cooked diet to preserve his remaining kidney function. I spread out his daily portions and treats throughout the day. To prevent hunger pukes in the middle of the night I also supplement his diet with Purina Pro Plan prescription dog food from WalmartPetRx. I was happy to find a new low calorie and low protein chicken and banana flavored mini treat by Jinx. I like the smell of the Pet Life dog shampoo and conditioner (with a convenient foaming spray feature) which I used to wash his paws after walks (always follow up with a paw balm) so that he doesn't track in outside contaminants, lick germs off of his paws or scratch his ears with dirty paws/nails. I also shave the fur in between his paw pads to reduce the amount of dirt that gets trapped. Ralphie wipes his face on the rugs after he eats which can cause increased tearing and irritation to his sensitive eye area so I started giving him soft dog mats (or baby tummy time mats) to use such as the bear shaped mat which are much gentler. They're easy to throw into the weekly sanitary wash (along with the rest of his most used toys) and thin enough to hang dry. Shih Tzu Dog mom #LTKFind #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100

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