New mama! Home improvement, fashion, & event planning are some of my fav things 5’2” & on a budget XS top, 25 bottoms (before 🤰)
Added the $5 target floral arrangement and pumpkin to our kitchen island tray for fall! 

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Bridal PJs for $12? Yep! 

The dogs when they weather drops 15 degrees 🙌🏼 we’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors so I’ll be wearing my nursing friendly dress more often! 

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Lightweight joggers and a comfy nursing bra is pretty much all I sleep in nowadays… and I’m not mad about it! 

I used to think you had to wear two different bras to pump and nurse. And I was over changing so many times a day. Turns out Kindred Bravely makes a pumping & nursing bra so you can do both! Genius!

Wearing a medium in these bamboo PJs. They got me all the way through pregnancy and have been great postpartum because they’re nursing friendly! 

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The perfect post-delivery sleep shirt. With functional buttons for nursing, long sleeves for the cold hospital rooms, and no pants for the swollen uterus 😝

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I shared a review of swaddles on my Instagram story today including 4 that didn’t work for us and our two favorites pictured here!

These magnetic me PJs are usually $38 but there’s a few on sale for $16 at Nordstrom Rack. Here’s what I ordered for Kennedy. 

I found Kennedy’s acrylic name sign on Etsy! I love how it reflects the wallpapered ceiling in the photos! 

$10 diaper caddy from Amazon 

An anonymous friend asked me what advice I had for someone who has JUST found out they’re pregnant. The 1st trimester is weird time of secrecy, stressing, waiting, and well… not feeling your best. Other than “give yourself a ton of grace” I also said start using a belly butter TODAY. And despite the name “belly” apply on your hips too! I started using @skinandsenses (a true paying customer) immediately on my belly but never knew that my hips were a place to target until it was too late! I discovered tiger stripes (as I refer to them) at 10 weeks across my hips. I decided to reach out to skin and senses and let them know how impressed I was with their belly butter. My belly, where I applied the butter, has remained stretch-mark free, while my exposed hips showed the marks. 
To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stretch marks. I love my body for growing our baby and keeping her healthy. And the tiger stripes on my hips are a reminder of just that. But I love how this product has worked wonders protecting my belly and wanted to share that too!    I’ve linked this belly butter on my if anyone is interested in giving it a try. It’s plant-based, all natural with no water or fillers so it’s safe for you and baby. #37weekspregnant 

This amazon dress is so well made. Sweater material so it’s super stretchy and one size fits all. I will say the white is a tad see through so you have to pick your undergarments appropriately! But it comes in a beautiful tan color I want to get next! Great maternity dress for my 9 month bump. 

I had the most amazing baby shower this weekend! This dress fit the “cutie” theme perfectly and was only $11! Baby shower dress. Maternity dress. 

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MacKenzoe child’s makes great gifts and the once a year barn sale is the most affordable time to shop! 

These nursery closet organizers are only $6.99! 

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I love organization but hate spending a fortune to make it happen! I shared these two amazon finds that I’ve used for the nursery closet and nursery dresser organization on stories  

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You’d never guess this dress is non maternity and under $30! I’ve now worn it to two summer weddings at 30 and 34 weeks pregnant 

I shared my 33 week update in this bump friendly amazon dress! 

Another maternity dress that I’ll take into postpartum with me! $24 

I’ve been loving this target maxi dress for the bump! I just add a cardigan for the office and it’s the perfect maternity dress! #liketkit 

Thanks for helping me pick a maternity dress for my baby shower! Loving this $14 option! #liketkit 

Looking cute... from the knees up! Lol all of that cleaning yesterday has my body aching so compression socks and slippers it is! But I do love this target dress for the bump! It’s not a maternity dress but has taken me prepregnancy and now well into the third trimester! #liketkit 

Loving this bump friendly smocked dress. Perfect maternity dress or postpartum dress but also something I’ll be able to wear for years to come. #liketkit 

My favorite corner of baby girl’s nursery is the hanging chair. We hung it with rope from Lowe’s rather than the chain it came with to give us a coastal feel. #liketkit 

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This angle of baby girl’s nursery is one of my favorites! I love the ikea dresser hack. The exact dresser used was the ikea malm dresser but I linked an almost identical one from amazon. 

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Baby girl’s nursery reveal is here! Thank you so much for everyone who’s followed along on this DIY project. It’s truly been a labor of love. I’m linking what I can here! #liketkit 

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I bought this Amazon tank dress for a company event and I’m so in love. It stretches and hugs all the right places. I think it’ll be perfect without the bump but it’s a great maternity dress too! #liketkit 

Pregnancy work from home look 🤷‍♀️ living in compression socks after a long day on my feet! #liketkit #LTKbump
Another bump friendly maternity dress! I originally picked this one up because I thought it would be a great transition piece for nursing and breastfeeding but the shoulder ties are faux! It still is easy to slip on and off so I decided to keep it but wanted you to be aware! #liketkit #LTKbump