Hey peeps! Peeps fans will be happy to know Target has begun to put out their Easter candy! And they have a variety of Peeps candies and products: • rainbow pop • gummy candies • plush gift set • cotton candy marshmallows • bunny skillet • marshmallow bunny pop Linking these products plus much more (including shirts, dog toys and other peeps products) in my LTK shop! Check out your local store to grab these goodies or comment “PEEP” and I’ll send you a direct message with all the links to shop! Save & follow for more Holiday finds! Are you a fan of peeps?


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Peeps Easter Gummies Candy Bag - 3.75oz | Target
Peeps Pancake Skillet Set - 4.2oz | Target
Peeps Plush Bunny Squeaky Toy (Blue) | Target
Easter Peeps Milkshake Kit - 3.56oz | Target
Kellogg's Peeps Family Size Cereal - 12.7oz | Target
Peeps Bunny Topper w/ Candy - 1.2oz | Target
Peeps Easter Plush School Bus - 3oz | Target
Peeps Easter Chicks Mike and Ike Marshmallow Pop - 1.38oz | Target
Peeps Easter Plush Flower Power Bunny - 1.5oz | Target
Peeps Easter Plush Princess Castle Bunny - 1.5oz/4ct | Target
Peeps Easter Yellow Bunnies - 1.5oz/4ct | Target
Peeps Easter Yellow Bunnies - 4.5oz/12ct | Target
Peeps Pink Marshmallow Easter Bunny Lollipop - 1.5oz | Target
Peeps Easter Rainbow Marshmallow Chick Pop - 1.375oz | Target
Peeps Easter Cotton Candy Chicks - 4.5oz/15ct | Target
Peeps Marshmallow Chicks & Bunnie Women’s 5-Pair Ankle Socks | Target