It’s been one seriously rough month but these last three days in Vegas with Hubby have made ALL the difference. And a few pints of gelato of course... ( ) || #liketkit

It’s been one seriously rough month but these last three days in Vegas with Hubby have made ALL the difference. And a few pints of gelato of course... ( ) || #liketkit

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Hard to believe it’s already been two years since my last visit to the Trevi Fountain. I threw in at least three coins so I must be due to return soon, right? (link to my favorite linen dress > ) 📸:  || #liketkit
No one does flowering trees like Old Town! Showed our new fur baby my favorite street in the neighborhood on our walk this morning. Thank you @ for reminding me how much I love this little corner at this time of year 🌺🌸 ( ) || #liketkit
Wishing you all the healthiest and “hoppiest” of Easters 🐰🌷 ( ) || #liketkit
Today is a new day. I am grateful for @ Presidential win... more grateful than I’ll ever be able put to words. But I am grateful the race is now behind us too. And, for the first time in a long time, I feel like we can begin to have meaningful conversations about moving forward together as Americans. I yearn for a time of community during this pandemic and hope that today moves us much closer to that (📷: @ from @ last August! ) || #liketkit
PSA: Wear a mask and don’t forget one for your pumpkin too 😜🍁 ( ) || #liketkit
@ is finally done with quarantine! Perfect pumpkins + apple cider donuts + our first “sister” outing in 11 months made for the perfect day yesterday ( ) ||  #liketkit
There’s only one more sleep til Christmas! And how better to get into the festive spirit than with a delicious afternoon tea at the @lan with @chi? From their gorgeous blush-accented tree to the adorable desserts (including their take on Santa’s milk and cookies), we loved absolutely every little detail. Read more at and see my stories for a link to my $40 dress (perfect for NYE! ), 📷: || #liketkit
One carry-on, 5,739 photos, three lenses, and thousands of memories... Egypt has been the trip of a lifetime. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to touch 5,000 years of history. All I could do was shoot as many photos as I could so I can share it with you the best way I know how ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Desperately trying to soak in every second of our trip to Egypt as I ignore the fact that I’ll eventually have to go home to real life. A life worlds away from the magic, the beauty, and the history we’ve found here. I’ll be forever grateful to have check Egypt off my bucket list 🙏🏻( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Before leaving on this trip, I was a little nervous. The media paints such a different story of Egypt than I’ve personally discovered on this trip. I never expected to meet so many genuinely kind people. Or to find so many ancient treasures so lovingly restored. Like everywhere in the world, Egypt has its dangers but — in my personal experience thus far — the treasures far outweight the costs. If you’ve been debating a trip here, book it now (and message me all of your questions!)... you’re soul will thank you for it ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
There’s a world of difference between reading about a place and actually standing there. Can you believe these columns are thousands of years old and were flooded by the Nile for hundreds of those years? So grateful this magical spot has been so beautifully restored. Watch my stories for more( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Time for a Roman... I mean, Egyptian Holiday! @ and I met in Italy last summer and shot some truly incredible photos (like this one from the Trevi Fountain). For the next ten days we’ll be traveling around Egypt together exploring some of the world’s most incredible ancient wonders. I can’t wait to see what magic we shoot this week but for now... ciao ( ), 📷: @ || #liketkit
Loving oysters the way I do, I can't believe it's taken me 31 years to make it to @shaws annual Oyster Fest. From fried oysters to roasted oysters to Oysters Rockefeller and beyond, every dish we tried was incredible. Have you ever been? I'm kicking myself for not stopping in sooner... Oyster Fest only runs through next Thursday -- I highly recommend snagging a reservation before it's over! (Outfit details in my stories or via 👉🏻 ) || #oysterfest #shawscrabhouse #lettuceentertainyou #liketkit
Chicago is such a magical city... but it always feels so much more magical 103 stories up ( ) || #liketkit
We’ve only been home from Vegas for an hour but I’m already ready to head back! Hubby turns 30 this week and it was the perfect place to celebrate 🎉 We first came to Vegas almost exactly 9 years ago for his 21st and it’s been a special place for us ever since. While Vegas isn’t for some, we always have the BEST time. It’s probably the incredible weather, amazing pools, and world-class restaurants. And the fact that Hubby always seems to win when he gambles 🙌🏻 😜 I ended up taking off a few days from social media to be truly PRESENT but promise to share my favorite highlights soon! For now, I’ll share this shot from Saturday night (I picked up the dress at @ in San Miguel de Allende earlier this month — @ has the same one in black! Its not available in the US but I’ve linked to a very similar one here 👉🏻 || #liketkit
I'll be honest, I adore the Peninsula hotels.

I've worked with them professionally for years and know that from the inside-out, there are few hotel chains that even compare. They truly are the BEST OF THE BEST.

And experiencing their acclaimed Parisian bastion FLOORED me. I've experienced luxury in European hotels, but not like this. No other spot even comes close: so many amazing restaurants, such an incredible spa, so many personalized touches, and a perfect location all in one. I truly don't have one single complaint from our stay EXCEPT that it wasn't for longer. Read my review of our entire stay at ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
I may be back home in Chicago but I’ve left my heart in San Miguel de Allende. Last weekend was my 7th trip to Mexico and somehow every time I visit this amazing country I feel my soul blossoming. Maybe it’s the incredible people I’ve met — the kind of kindred spirits I know I’ll have forever — or the incredible food. Maybe its the vibrant colorful cities and the charming countrysides. Maybe it’s just because my creative juices thrive here... but every time I visit I’m reminded that there’s no place quite like Mexico. So honored my job has brought me to so many unforgettable (and unheard-of) places in this incredible country. I hope to see you again very soon, Mexico! Gracias for sharing more of your beautiful secrets with me and my camera 🙏🏻🇲🇽 ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
If you’d have asked me as a kid what I wanted to do when I grew up, I’d have answered “travel” in an instant. So it’s insane to think how much I get to travel now for my “job”. Four days ago I was standing here, in front of the Eiffel Tower, and tonight I’ll be in Mexico’s most beautiful city, San Miguel de Allende (@ top travel destination for 2019). 10-year-old me is having a major *pinch me* moment 🙏🏻 Thank you all for following along and for making this dream job a reality. Ever single opportunity and beautiful moment I have reminds me that I truly have the best job in the world. See you soon, Mexico! ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
The perfect Parisian morning @ ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Afternoon tea is always a good idea. But afternoon tea at @? Absolutely mandatory. I’ve never had pastries quite so perfect in a space quite so breath-taking. I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life, I know 🙏🏻 ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Ahoy, Mateys! @ and I are experience L’Art de Vivre (“the art of living” in English) in every way possible this week. We’ve drank some of the best wines of our life, eaten some of the best cheeses and met some of the most incredible people in Burgundy this week. It’s only halfway over and I’m already convinced that barge cruising is the only way I want to travel now 💋 ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Cheers to a week “off the beaten path” 🥂 @ and I both craved some time away from the touristy cities in France and our @ through Burgundy has been the perfect “real France” antidote. We’ve only been cruising for a day and already have had some of the best cheese and wine ever in our lives. I can’t wait to explore the medieval towns of this incredible region (and to visit Chablis!) but for now, I’ll take a soak in the on-board hot tub, thank you ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Running around Paris with @ trying to soak up every last minute before heading to our @ for a week-long exploration of Burgundy ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Bonjour from beautiful Paris! @vegtourist and I landed safely in the City of Lights this morning, 30 minutes EARLIER than scheduled *pound*, thanks to the incredible team at @united. This is my third time flying United's Polaris class internationally and I warn you -- it's quickly becoming an addiction. From the amazing fully reclined seats to the giant LED screens to the @sundayriley toiletries (not to mention stain removing spray in the bathrooms) and the incredible Chicago Polaris lounge... it'll be hard flying anything BUT Polaris from here on out!

*PRO TIP* They have real, actual champagne at the Polaris bar. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

But truthfully, I've been a life-long United fan -- my grandmother's brother even worked as a United mechanic for over 30 years *hallelujah*. Their staff are truly the best... so professional and knowledgeable. I always ask my flight attendants for good restaurant recommendations for my destination! They always know the very best spots.

Be sure to follow along on our journey through France this week -- we have some exciting adventures awaiting! ( ), 📷: || #DreamPolaris #MyUnitedJourney #liketkit 

#dreampolaris #myunitedjourney
This week in NYC has been an incredible whirlwind filled with non-stop action (even in the pouring rain yesterday)! And yet my “must see in NYC” list got longer, not shorter? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I suppose that’s the beauty of the Big Apple — you could spend a lifetime here and never see it all. I DID finally get to bust out this gorgeous @ dress I saw on @ a few weeks ago. I’ve been making a serious effort to invest in eco-friendly brands and Mara is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites! It’s such a classic design too — thank goodness I managed to not spill all over it 😂 (link 👉🏻 ), 📷: || #liketkit
NYC always gives me heart eyes but this trip they’re more like cronut eyes 😍 As usual I’ve been experiencing NYC more on my camera than on my phone but I promise to share all our fun adventures as quickly as I can edit them. ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
It feels SO good to be back in NYC — hurry up and get here @, I’m ready for our annual Big Apple reunion to start! We shot this on our NYC trip last summer and I’m so excited to see what we capture this year ❤️ ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
New York Times be damned! The @aperol spritz is one of my all-time favorite cocktails and one that instantly brings me back to Italy. And since I don’t live in Rome, I’m doing the next best thing and sipping a spritz at Bar Sabbia. Can you blame me? ( ), 📷: || #liketkit
Spotted Sisters! @ and I had never met before our tour through Umbria and yet somehow we practically matched almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I guess great [blogger] minds really do think alike? But packing polka dots for a trip to Italy just feels like such a no-brainer! ( ),📷: || #liketkit