Love this laser measure tool for quick measurements. Currently using it to determine how much flooring we need to buy to replace our carpet upstairs.


Love this laser measure tool for quick measurements. Currently using it to determine how much flooring we need to buy to replace our carpet upstairs.

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Bosch BLAZE 65 ft. Laser Distance Tape Measuring Tool with Real Time Measuring-GLM 20 X - The Hom... | The Home Depot
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Convert these beautiful picture lights from hardwire to plug-in!

Cutest little black dress with a bow tie detail in back!

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These new animal MagnaTiles sets take play and imagination to the next level! They’re so fun.

This is the flooring saw I used to install my laminate flooring and cut laminate tile.
Organize your board games with mesh bags! Print cover of game, laminate, and attach to bag for easy storage and clean up.

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After many months of searching, I finally found the perfect round cabinet knobs for the dressers I refinished. These knobs come in a beautiful antique finish and are 1” in diameter. I bought another set before that was 3/4” diameter and they were so tiny. These are heavy duty and good quality.

Dress up your garland with some simple ribbon and brass bells.

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A little sneak peak at my new rug. It’s beyond beautiful. The tones are gorgeous. The rug has a great texture to it and is really soft.

My favorite items I love, have, and have gifted.

A Toy Story “two infinity and beyond!”
Birthday Party.

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This Loloi rug is SO soft and plush.

These copper sconces really are the jewelry on our home.
Tile sample for our primary bath project arrived. In LOVE.

We love our weighted blankets from @Bearaby!

Still loving the color variation in the tiles and the texture this brings to the laundry room! My favorite part about this entire project, though, was when Brandon said to me, “Are you going to do the kitchen next?” 😉

The laundry room, two years in the making!

Can’t believe it’s the last week of summer for us. I got these bags for our vacation this fall, but they’ll do double duty for school, too! Don’t even get me started on the little fanny packs. They are so damn cute. I am now researching how to label all of the things. Backpack, lunch box, water bottle, supplies, forehead… oh wait 😏 — any tips or recs for me?

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A good crop hides a lot! Can you spy 👀: a curtain rod that’s too short, curtain panels that are too short, window trim that needs paint, or the baseboard trim piece that’s missing? What about the mattress that is in my guest room that I need to somehow haul down to Phoenix but don’t have a car that will fit it? 😂 Let me tell you, every project throws ya curveballs but that’s how we learn, right? Dive in and figure it out along the way. Luckily all of these are minor issues that a little paint and some trips to the UPS store can’t fix. 😇 Still proud of what we accomplished in about 15 hours of work! What’s one of your biggest DIY fails?

Added this sweet little rainbow lamp with a mix and match shade to the girls’ room. Love the little pattern and gold accents to warm the space up!

#LTKhome #LTKkids #liketkit Super comfortable! #liketkit The Noggle is like a personal air vent. Great for rear facing kiddos that don’t get good air flow. #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit #liketkit