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This coat comes in three colors and is my BEST PURCHASE OF THE SEASON. 
Run it will totally sell out! 

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Added this Hill House rhinestone halo headband to my Thanksgiving look for more of a party look. ✨

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I snagged these basics for our 4 year old boy, Boyce. He can easily grab any color and of both pieces to mix and match this season. I love to use these Black Friday sales to buy the basics we need and these are so handsome! 

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These were in the girls section but I actually they will be a fun holiday PJ for our daughters and sons. I’m going to take them to a local embroidery shop and get run monograms on the pockets. 
40% off for Black Friday!

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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 
My family was so agreeable today when I pulled out matching looks. The kids were pleased and I embraced the classic look. Baxter was such a good sport!
I love to lean in to holidays and celebrations and outfits are half of the memory! These have such wonderful detail and are by a local social impact company. 

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Happy Thanksgiving! 
I wore this smocked look by a local designer to our Thanksgiving lunch. I live the pockets. I’m wearing an XS but if you are bustier than me get at least a small. 
My thong sandals are simple and comfortable and I got them in the pink for this look.
My Hill House headband is the PERFECT tone of green for this look and really makes it shine. Perfect finishing touch and makes it feel much more like a party look. ✨

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Earlier this week we announced a new investment in LTK and for the announcement video I wore a few of my new favorite pieces.
Kilte is a brand by a woman I met in college and thhe oieces are super soft and timeless- plus she has a 25% off sitewide sale right now!
My pants are exactly linked here and they are gorgeous with this look- the perfect texture and they are high waisted. 
These are the new black leather riding boots I recently invested in. This style is absolutely timeless and they are perfect for social and professional settings. And they are trending in Europe. 

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This dress is an oldie but a goodie, linking the exact one below but is several seasons sold out. Linking similar icey blue dresses! 

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I ordered this Sister Jane tweed mini dress in a size medium- perfect for all my holiday parties this season. Runs true to size, should have ordered my normal size small. 

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Picked up these bottle tags from the Essential Market. They are a perfect addition to any bottle of wine to give as a gift for the holidays.

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I just ordered these children’s paint kits last night and they arrived today. I love how they come with the smock the easel several canvases and everything that you need to set up a kids paint shop at home. This will allow for a lot of focused entertainment at home while the kids are home for the holidays. It’s also a great gift for ages three and up.

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Received my new sister Jane dress in time for the holidays. I ordered a size medium and would suggests ordering your true size. I am a size 4 and should have ordered a small. Linking my exact dress below  

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Testing out looks for my upcoming Mexico trip. One of my friends wore this set this summer and she looked amazing- I had to get it for a “Cabo Cocktail” party. 
This necklace is by a mother/daughter design duo and I love their products! Great value. 

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One of my favorite go to outfits. My top is oversized so I bought my normal size 4. Linking my exact look below. 

My cream sweater dress is just $23! It’s on super sale and it is SO SOFT and looks expensive in person. Such a great piece for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas parties!

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I am so excited to be back in Mexico! We have some events to attend and here is a peek at what is in my bag!

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Cristal is really the top of the line when it comes to champagne (I’m pretty sure there are a fair amount of rap songs that include it 💁🏼‍♀️). If you need a high-end gift to impress, this is a safe bet for men and women alike. 🥂

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Joy Creative shop has adorable wrapping and tags and monogrammed stationary. These make for great friend gifts and also are nice to have on hand when unexpected gift needs pop up. 🎁

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I got this Texas necklace for myself for Christmas. You can choose whatever chain you like and as a proud Texan, this is a special pendant. I have never come across one of these before and it will make for such a special gift for the Texas woman. 

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It is so nice to have cute gift tags ready to go when you need them! I grabbed these from our gift pile today and we looked so prepared for a kid birthday party. 
FYI we got them kid cameras- which my kids LOVE! 

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My most used product with the kids- this wagon! It’s easily collapsible and fits all the kids. Definitely a smart investment if you have multiple kiddos. 

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This line of necklaces is by a mother/daughter duo and I have now collected so many of their pieces! Jewelry is a great gift for all ages and the value on this designer is excellent. 
I also ordered some colorful personalized pieces for my daughters and nieces. 

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LED light therapy is one of my new favorite treatments. This helps reduce dark spots and even out your complexion. Can also be used on your chest! 

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BeautyBio has some of my favorite at home do-it yourself products. This micro-needling set is perfect for anyone looking to step up their at home spa game. Linking my exact set below. 

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Some of the beauty products I use regularly are the Essie gel nail Polish, Tarte juicy lip, and my terry cloth headband. All under $20 and would make great stocking stuffers. 

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These two gifts are for the home hosts and will elevate any table or party! Add a personalization to these wine glasses to make them even more special. These bamboo silverware sets are a designer look for a fraction of the price. Linking exact items below. 

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This Yeti backpack color is perfect for tailgates and road-trips as it fits perfectly behind your seat. Raybans are a great gift that can be used all year round. Linking both items below! 

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This coat 😍 such great quality and can be dressed up or down. I ordered a size small and is slightly oversized. Linking my coat, sweater, leather pants, and riding boots below  

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The boots are one of my new favorites. I ordered a size 41 which is perfect for a US size 10. Linking my exact outfit below  

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The perfect holiday dress from ASOS. I also picked up these designer look alike shoes at a fraction of the price. I ordered a size 4 in the dress and would recommend sizing up if you are curvier. 

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